[BrightWay] The sound of "medicine" is astonishing, and "translation" is led

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(Summary description)An unforgettable summit trip

[BrightWay] The sound of "medicine" is astonishing, and "translation" is led

(Summary description)An unforgettable summit trip

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A heartwarming summit tour

On April 8, 2021,

The elite team of Zhisheng Dao rushed to Suzhou, covered in dust and wind,

Invited to attend the 2021 Drug Developers&CMC International Summit



This thousand person event, which is well-known in the industry,

Gathering medical experts from all over the world,

The passionate speeches of academicians from both the Chinese Academy of Sciences and various research institutes,

Multiple pharmaceutical executives have shared their insights and insights.

Regarding raw materials, formulations, analysis, regulations, and new technologies

Working together from multiple angles,

Conducted a two-day event at six major venues

An intense academic dialogue.


In the attendance list of the strong,

Excellent pharmaceutical translation companies are few and far between,

The booth on Zhisheng Road is particularly unique,

As a result, it has attracted many high-quality enterprises to stop and observe,

And expressed a friendly willingness to cooperate.



A wonderful "dialogue" between two medical and translation sessions

If the booth code A06 allows us to

I won a good rap;

So, during the unexpected speech opportunity in the lecture,

It even made us overjoyed.

On the day of the summit, we made friends with one of the keynote speakers

Chief pharmacist Yang Lahu.

After a speculative conversation,

Director Yang praised Zhisheng Dao's translation service greatly.

And at his personal presentation,

Intentionally arranged the service recommendation of Zhisheng Road,

Cheer us on.


What's even more touching is that,

The organizers of the summit are also

We highly recognize the translation services provided by Zhisheng Dao,

And we specifically added our speech section,

Got the opportunity to stage with a group of big shots.



Our representatives on stage fully utilize this golden 15 minutes,

Regarding company characteristics, service processes, and project management

He gave excellent speeches in various aspects,

The attentive and approving gaze of the teachers and colleagues on stage,

Let the representatives feel confident on the vast podium.


The Q&A session after the lecture was even more exciting than expected.

Many pharmaceutical companies urgently expressed

At present, there are various demands for translation,

And put forward various confusions that have accumulated in my heart for a long time.

In an orderly manner of asking and answering,

There is a subtle resonance between "medicine" and "translation",

Building a bridge of understanding between need and demand.

This summit has benefited Zhisheng Dao a lot, and this trip is worth it!


This year, this translation year, this medical year

In the post pandemic era,

BrightWay is completed

An old translation company that has shown its prowess since childhood

The transformation of the ace translation company that showcases its skills.

In 2020, our business volume was in adversity

Achieved a year-on-year growth rate of 18.15%,

Simultaneously reached cooperation with 288 new customers.

In 2021, with the trend of economic recovery,

Zhishengdao's business growth to date,

From both the month on month and year-on-year dimensions,

We have achieved high-quality growth as expected.



Translation of biopharmaceuticals,

As the task with the largest carrying capacity of the Wisdom Path,

And it's all about singing and advancing,

It has become a benchmark in the industry.


Due to the tight schedule, high requirements, and large volume of medical translation,

For the translation team

The requirements for professional competence and collaborative ability are strict.

In order to efficiently cope with the increasingly heavy workload,

The friends of Zhisheng Dao have developed the courage to be afraid of three things:

Not afraid of many, not afraid of fatigue, not afraid of hardship.

ust last month, within 4.5 working days, our team,

The impossible task of successfully delivering 5276 pages of medical manuscripts.

And in December last year, we also chewed on it within 1.5 months

A massive project of 3.6 million words.

Can help anxious users relax their sorrows,

It is our unwavering persistence.


While being diligent in tactics,

BrightWay is equally strategic in giving way.

In terms of business transformation:

We seized the opportunity in a timely manner,

Strive to undertake translation tasks for various biopharmaceuticals.


Deeply cultivate one's profession:

We have divided five medical translation teams specifically,

Intended to subdivide and subdivide, with clarity and clarity.


In terms of organizational structure:

Last year, we established a special resource department and feedback team,

Delivering a continuous stream of professional talents to the team;

We have directly connected after-sales channels for the project and strictly controlled translation quality.


In terms of compliance construction:

We are the first to pass the ISO 13485 medical quality system certification,

Use a more professional identity to do professional things.


In terms of intelligent layout:

We have introduced a brand new ERP system,

Create a fast digital operation platform.



Behind all the extraordinary growth,

They all have extraordinary efforts.

And this loyal love,

Finally, in this spring and this grand event, beautiful flowers bloomed.

We will always take 'brand first' as our responsibility,

Continue to provide high-quality and efficient translation services,

Focusing on solving pain points in projects for more pharmaceutical enterprises,

Go all out for the deep cooperation between "medicine" and "translation".




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