Confidentiality Policy

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1. Confidentiality Agreement

All of our employees have signed special confidentiality agreement and dedication guidelines, in which excerpts such articles as “Party B and those employed by Party B to engage in translation are not allowed to read, photocopy, and refrain from copying such documents/works/materials unless necessary for the performance of the contract”. It is not allowed to forge similar products and sell them to any third party for profit. “Since Party A intends to entrust Party B with translation (including quotation), Party B is obliged to keep confidential the business and technical information of all documents/works and other materials delivered by Party A. Without the prior written notice of Party A, neither Party B nor the person employed by Party B to engage in translation shall disclose this information to any third party.” “The confidentiality agreement shall come into effect as of the signing date and shall not be terminated due to any form of disclosure of the document.”


2. Read Permission

Each project is produced, managed and completed by a fixed team. Before the initiation of the project, our IT staff will set the permissions of the team members to read the file, and irrelevant personnel will not be allowed to read it.


3. Encrypted Transmission

Sangfor AC Internet Behavior Management System enables our office work more standardized,efficient and secure. At the same time, copy, print, e-mail are encrypted. Through active prevention, strict in-process control, and comprehensive tracing after the event, the responsibilities are clearly defined to prevent the leakage of secrets.


4. Regular Destruction

Relevant paper materials are required to be shredded. In case there is an agreement with the customer which specifies materials cannot be backed up, the IT supervisor will also delete and crush the data on the computer of each person after the project is closed, and provide the screenshot of deletion and failed search of relevant documents for the customer to confirm.



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