The first quarter PDCA meeting of Zhisheng Road was successfully held

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(Summary description)

The first quarter PDCA meeting of Zhisheng Road was successfully held

(Summary description)

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  • Time of issue:2022-04-06
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First quarter PDCA

On April 2, the first quarter of 2022 PDCA conference of Zhisheng Dao was successfully held in Shanghai and Xi 'an. The epidemic could not stop the enthusiasm of Shanghai colleagues for work. This time, the online and offline mixed conference mode was adopted to summarize and improve the business situation of Zhisheng Dao in the first quarter, learn and exchange.

At the meeting, all departments summarized and reviewed the work of the first quarter, in addition to reviewing the key projects, they also put forward the problems encountered in the work and jointly discussed solutions, and showed the work arrangement and plan for the next quarter.

How to adjust your work attitude in the face of the epidemic

As a result of this epidemic, all colleagues in Shanghai have adopted a new home-based working mode. At the meeting, the company not only exchanged work content, but also expressed concern about the working environment and psychology of employees, and added the topic of "How to adjust work mentality in the face of the epidemic".

Give promise

Looking forward to returning to Nanjing Road to see the sea of people

Have put down

Selectively block negative news

Have self-discipline

The four-quadrant rule of time management


Strengthen the mission of medical translation


Breaking from the outside is food and breaking from the inside is life


Breaking from the outside is pressure and breaking from the inside is growth

Day arch a death without any contribution to the end of the sea - may each of our serious efforts now, there is a natural future.

Wait for you

Recruitment position

Medical translation

Languages: English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Laotian, Danish, Swedish, etc.

Job description

1. More than 3 years of deep working experience in medical or translation industry, full-time bachelor degree or above;

2. CMC (production process and quality control, analytical method verification, etc.), clinical, non-clinical (toxicology, pharmacology), medical machinery, life science and other professional background is preferred;

3. Have global TOP100 customer service experience in various industries is preferred;

4. Working with a team to complete a large translation project (more than 1 million words) is a plus.

Contact information

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